Create custom Twitter Micro Sites

to track events and campaigns live

Conducting an event or a campaign and would like to have a single destination where you can aggregate all the buzz? Let us help you out. We offer you a hosted microsite to follow the conversations around your event. Try out Australian Open, Grammy In-A-Gist and Oscar In-A-Gist to get a feel of what we can offer.
We surface popular media, stories and conversations in real-time related to your event. We offer
  • Live stream of Tweets
  • Influential Tweets picked automatically
  • Trends within your stream in real-time
  • Search within your stream
  • Promote your content
  • Officially approved source list
  • Audience engagement (Tweet, Retweet, Reply etc)
  • Custom Domain
  • Customize your site design
  • Widgets to embed the content on other sites
  • Keyword filtering, spam control, language filtering
  • Content Moderation
Contact Us for a quote and additional features that we can provide you.